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October 4-7, Incheon Korea

see http://www.ulcrown.com/ on lpga website 

I will be in Incheon, Korea for this tournament. Will have lots of information to share in this section:


One of the most interesting features of this tournament is that there is no designated captain for each 4-person teams.  The format is "four-ball" person team -- two players play from a country each plays her own ball and the best score of each player counts for the team score.  Will be writing more about the format -- it's a great format because one player can choose a "risky" shot if her partner is in a good place.

The eight teams are divided into "Pools" 


Below are the teams for the UL International Crown Oct 4-7 in the Songdo District of Incheon, Korea at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club. Only 32 LPGA Tour golfers participate! 8 teams, 8 countries - 4 golfers on each team - no captain designated - fourball format (fun to watch and demanding for players).

The women golfers in Pool A and Pool B teams for the UL Crown are listed below. How did the players do in the Evian? (Team competition sometimes brings out the best in players which makes prediction difficult.)

I will be in Incheon writing about the format, the players, the scores, the Songdo "smart city" section of Incheon, Korea and the Nicklaus course where UL Crown will be played.

THE FORMAT: (the eight teams have been divided into two Pools... Pool A and Pool B. Each country will play two

four-ball matches against each of the three countries in their Pool.  THE "BEST "WOMEN GOLFER" COUNTRY WILL TAKE HOME THE CROWN .30

What is the "Four-ball" format? [hint: four balls in play -- two players vs two players -- each plays out the hole with her own ball -- best score of the partnership is used for the "team" score. [a player may be in such trouble that she picks up ball and allows her partner to play for their team score]

At the conclusion of the three days of four-ball competition, the two teams with the most points from each pool and one wild-card team will advance to Sunday Singles. And a "Wild Card" team wll be chosen to compete in the final round -- singles format.  

In the event of a tie between teams tied for first or tied for second in each pool, a pre-determined formula will be used to break the tie.

(Who will decide who plays -- in what order -- no official captain to make decision -- will the player who has played the best in previous three days go out first?  [this has some similarity to the final day of the Solheim Cup]

Only LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan could have put this together! Learn more at http://www.ulcrown.com/


SOUTH KOREA – Pool A: Park Sung-hyun, Ryu So-yeon, In-Kyung Kim, Chun In-gee 

ENGLAND – Pool A: Charle Hull, Ceorgia Hall, Jodi Ewart Shadoff, Bronte Law

AUSTRALIA – Pool A: Minjee Lee, Katherine Kirk, Sara Jane Smith, Su Hyun Ho

CHINESE TAIPEI– Pool A: Theresa Lu, Wei-Ling Hsu, Phoebe Yao, Candie Kung


United States: -Pool B: Lexi Thompson, Jessica Korda, Criste Kerr, Michelle Wie

JAPAN– Pool B: Nasa Hataoka, Ai Suzuki, Misuzu Waranabe, Mamiko Higa

THAILAND – Pool B: Ariya Jutanugarn, Moriya Jutanugarn, Pornalong Phatlum,  Sherman Santiwiwatthanaphong

SWEDEN – Pool B: Anna Nordquist, Pernilla Lindberg, Madelene Sagstrm, Caroline Hedwall

UL INTERNATIONAL CROWN 2018 TEAMS: The eight teams of the country's top 4 golfers (based on Rolex Rankings) have been divided into two "pools" Pool A and Pool B. (the way competitive brackets are done for club championships and other sports). Three days (Oct 4,5,6 will be match-play "foursomes" (two players from each country each play out their own ball on every hole --counting he "best ball" on each hole. The two-some with the best total score after 18 holes wins one point for her country. Final round on Sunday October 7) will be individual matches with a "wild-card" competitor and points for winners. The country with the most points wins the 2018 UL INTERNATIONAL CROWN. (the Crown is really beautiful.. Tiffany design)..

THE REAL QUESTION... Who will decide the partnership teams? Who will decide who plays in what order in the singles matches. THERE IS NO DESIGNATED CAPTAIN. HOW DO YOU THINK DECISIONS "SHOULD" OR "WILL" BE MADE AMONG THE FOUR WOMEN REPRESENTING EACH COUNTRY?

HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY THAT I LOVE THE UL INTERNATIONAL CROWN TOURNAMENT?  October 4-7 in Incheon, Korea --about an hour west from Seoul.  The UL Crown is played in alternate years of the Solheim Cup.  The tournament was innaugurated (invented is a better term) in Maryland US in 2014 -- played again in the US in 2016 -- but now will be held about an hour west of Seoul in the Songdo development -- a unique hi-tech-environmental development -- think "city of the future".  Jack Nicklaus was honored to build the golf course in the Songdo development, which is geographically within the city of Incheon. 

But not only the location draws me to the tournament -- it's the format.  Eight contries with 4 members each compete in 3 days of Fourball format (sometimes referred to as "Betterball")and then singles match play the last day. (Fourball format: two players from a team each play their own ball with the lowest score of the twosome counting for their team score on that hole.  The team with the lowest cummulative score for 18 holes wins those matches.  The final day is match play singles. The eight countries participating are: Korea, USA, England, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Chinese Taipei, Sweden.

To read more see http://www.ulcrown.com/tournament-information/format. 

What is so interesting about the format is how each of the four-person teams organizes itself to make the pairings and then the singles matches.  There is intentionally no designated captain.  So think about how this will work?  Let's take another situationa:  3 friends and I decide to go out for lunch; where to go; two like a light lunch -- one is a vegan -- and one wants a hamburger?  How do we decide? 

Taking decision-making back to the UL Crown.... perhaps a decision-making captain will be selected among the 4 players; perhaps one player is the best "communicator" in the group.. maybe the oldest?  maybe the best player? . I can imagine many different approaches.  What is most important about the UL Crown teams is that in the absence of a captain "each member is mutually accountable" for the team's results... should not be able to lay blame on any team member.   I am working with a psycholgist, Dr. Patricia Donnelly, to explore the options and styles of team decisions in the UL Crown.  DID I TELL YOU LATELY THAT I LOVE THIS TOURNAMENT?