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Best Practices for Attracting More Women to Play Golf

Women-Friendly Best Practices

In order to help your golf facilities attract women (and junior girl) golfers, following is a detailed checklist of best practices. There are many common problems that exist across the country that hinder the number of rounds of golf female golfers play. Cleaner facilities and friendlier staff members are just a few of the over 50 recommendations.  After reading the following checklist, you can begin to make changes today that can attract female golfers to play your course.  Contact me using the "Free Help Line" tab to learn more about how to market your course to women golfers.








Does your facility?


Offer a choice of lesson formats - including group lessons?

Offer a free introductory golf lesson?

Provide women with clubs at no charge to new golfers?

Offer affordable clinics?

Offer lessons at varying times (daytime and after work)?

Offer women-only clinics?

Advertise programs using the key words and phrases “for beginners,” “no experience necessary,” “no pressure,” “fun,” and “meet other women?”

Offer written handouts with basic information for new golfers?


Does your facility?

Offer supervised practice programs?

Offer a social time before or after classes or leagues?

Allow time for introductions at classes and use nametags?

Help women find friends to golf with?

Post a “looking for a partner?” sheet in the pro shop?

Include lessons about etiquette, rules and golf culture during novice lessons?

Promote and legitimize 9-hole rounds?

Experiment with “short course” options and 3-hole loops?

Teach how to play quickly and when to pick up your ball?


Does your facility?

Offer beginners playing opportunities and novice leagues?

Offer a choice of playing formats: competitive and non-competitive?

Host a women’s charity tournament or event?

Promote handicap registration?

Publicize women’s programs in brochures and on bulletin boards and local media?

Employ female instructors?

Have clean, attractive rest rooms on the course?

Have an attractive women’s locker room?


Does your facility?

Have a women’s association?

Meet regularly with leaders of your women’s golf committee
to access progress or problems?

Provide mentors and coaches for new golfers?

Offer late afternoon or early bird tee times for a few holes?

Offer weekend tee times for women?

Maintain a database of women golfers?

Have a newsletter for women?

Stock a selection of women’s clothes and accessories?

Display photos of famous female golfers in the pro shop?


Does your facility?

Sell books and videos about women’s golf?

Play videos about women’s golf in the pro shop?

Subscribe to golf magazines for the women’s locker rooms?

Have female staff in the shop and on the range?

Train staff in how best to serve women customers?

Offer golf programs for mothers and children, couples and families? Have appropriate yardages and tee placements for women?

Provide easy to spot yardage markers between 100 yards and the pin?

Provide ratings and slopes for women for multiple tees?

Have a girls golf program?


Does your facility?

Encourage feedback and opinions from women customers?

Include women on important facility committees?

Include photos of women and girls having fun in marketing materials?

Know your women golfers by their skill, frequency of lessons and play, and purchases in the pro shop?

Send “thank you” notes to your best customers?

Personally congratulate women golfers on their accomplishments?



Woman - Consulting services for female golfers and golf resorts.

But, it's not only up to the golf professionals and teachers to attract more female golfers,

it's up to golf facilities to have women represented on the Board and important committees.  

Women have to take leadership roles in how women's golf is introduced and taught to new golfers.


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