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For ten years (2005 to 2015),  I wrote about women's golf for a company that was an early leader in designing and building websites for golf facilities --  www.cybergolf.com.  Cybergolf.com not only developed the computer software for golf clubs but in the early days of the internet developed a world-wide content site as well.   As I explain below in my final article July 31, 2015, I wrote many articles about women's golf.  Although they are no longer available on this site or on cybergolf.com I have access to them.  From time to time, I may even republish a few -- that are both historic and timely.  If you are interested in any particular article, please contact me by email.   



Women's Golf News


How Time Flies - A Decade of Reflections on Women's Golf -- published July 31, 2015

By: Nancy Berkley

Cybergolf is a leader in building websites for golf facilities - see www.Cybergolfcentral.com. But it also has been a leader in women's golf. In 2005, I suggested to the CEO of Cybergolf that a specific section of its website news page be dedicated to articles I wrote about women's golf. He agreed. It was still the relatively early days of the Internet.

The content on Cybergolf not only provided golf news for the websites that Cybergolf built but for golfers around the world. And 2005 was a peak year for golf in the United States. The National Golf Foundation reported that there were 30 million golfers in 2005. Both the economy and Tiger Woods were market-movers.

Unfortunately, 2005 was a peak year and the number of golfers in the U.S. has declined since. (For a summary of golf participation statistics since 1998 through 2014, see my websites www.berkleygolfconsulting.com or www.nancyberkley.com.)

I am lucky to have written 130 articles about women's golf for Cybergolf over the past decade. Many thanks, of course, to Jeff Shelley who edited my articles. Having been a lawyer, I always use too many words and clarify an issue too many times. But Jeff always knew just what to edit and cut. This seems like a good time to look back and reflect on what made news this past decade about women's golf. 

One of my favorite articles for Cybergolf was an early one: "Thank You, Michelle." The 16-year old with the dangly earrings had just come on the scene. She quickly announced that she wanted to play with the boys on the PGA Tour. She tried a few times to make the cut in a USGA and PGA Tour event, but failed. She eventually decided that the LPGA Tour was really a better home for her. Michelle was what I referred to as a "tipping point" in growing women's golf. Thank you, Michelle, again, and good luck in this week's RICOH Women's British Open being played at Trump Turnberry in Scotland. 

Another favorite article was my first interview with LPGA Commissioner, Mike Whan not long after he became LPGA Commissioner - replacing the controversial Carolyn Bivens. The article titled "A Conversation with LPGA Commissioner Whan: The Future of the LPGA" was structured in a Q&A format. As I reread our interview, I realize even more clearly Whan's talents at strategic marketing. His global strategy for the LPGA will be very visible at the upcoming Solheim Cup in Germany this coming September and the 2016 LPGA International Crown tournament. Although writer Tom Friedman coined the term "The World Is Flat" for his best-selling book, I will always wonder whether he spoke with Whan first. 

And then I was able to write many of what I call my "educational" articles. With a background in teaching, I could never resist explaining to women golfers how handicaps worked, how match play differed from stroke play and what the penalty for "slow play" was all about. 

Along educational lines, I wrote three articles about the 2013 Solheim Cup -- Team USA vs Team Europe -- which was played in Colorado. I wanted to demystify the match-play formats of the Solheim Cup which is often compared to the men's Ryder Cup. I even wrote about why the men's U.S. Team lost the 2014 Ryder Cup to the European Team. And I will be writing about the 2015 women's Solheim Cup to be played in Germany at the St. Leon-Rot Golf Club (near Heidelberg and Mannheim) in September.

Another set of articles that I enjoyed writing was what I call my "motivational" articles. Women represent only about 20% of the golfers in the U.S. But more important than that percentage of ALL golfers, is the lack of women on the governing boards of golf facilities - not to mention the lack of women on the Golf Committee and Greens Committee of most golf facilities. An article that deals with this issue is "Advice to Women Golfers" which is also on the Articles tab of www.berkleygolfconsulting.com. I consider it a "must read" for all female golfers. 

What's next? I think that junior golf and family golf are going to be very important. A month ago I visited my favorite golf store, Palm Beach Golf Center in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. What greeted me in the apparel section was junior golf apparel by Nike and Adidas for both junior girls and boys. That confirms where the market is going and I am all for it.

All 130 articles that I have written for Cybergolf are  listed below.  I have access to them.  If you are interested in a copy of any article, please contact me directly at nancyberkley@gmail.com.  


Nancy Berkley, President of Berkley Golf Consulting, is an expert on women's golf and junior-golf. Her book, "Women Welcome Here! A Guide to Growing Women's Golf," published by the National Golf Foundation, is an industry reference on marketing golf to women and spotting trends within the industry. She offers information and advice about the golf industry on www.berkleygolfconsulting.com and is often quoted in national publications. She is a member of the Women's Committee of the World Golf Foundation and a member of the World Golf Foundation committee that launched www.golfforher.com. She was a contributing editor of "Golf for Women" magazine and a founding advisor of "Golfer Girl Magazine." Her interviews with women in the golf industry now appear on www.golfergirlcareers.com. Nancy lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Harvard University and Rutgers Law School. After a business and legal career, she decided to write about the game she learned and loved as a teenager. She describes herself as a good bogey golfer with permanent potential. Nancy Berkley, President of Berkley Golf Consulting, is an expert on women's golf and junior-girls golf. She is a frequent contributor towww.cybergolf.com/womensgolf. Her book, "Women Welcome Here! A Guide to Growing Women's Golf," published by the National Golf Foundation, is an industry reference on marketing golf to women and spotting trends within the industry. She offers information and advice about the golf industry on www.berkleygolfconsulting.com and is often quoted in national publications. Nancy is a member of the World Golf Foundation Women's Committee that launchedwww.golfforher.com a comprehensive new website for all women golfers at the PGA Merchandise Show in January 2015 in Orlando, Fla. She is a featured speaker at PGA Section meetings and at national conferences. She was a contributing editor of "Golf for Women" magazine and a founding advisor of "Golfer Girl Magazine." Her interviews with women in the golf industry now appear on www.golfergirlcareers.com. Nancy lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Harvard University and Rutgers Law School. After a business and legal career, she decided to write about the game she learned and loved as a teenager. She describes herself as a good bogey golfer with permanent potential.


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