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CPGA Seminar [following is outline form of a PowerPoint presentation.  If you would like a copy of the PPT, please contact Nancy Berkley on the "Free Help Line" tab.

A Guide to Growing Women’s Golf

Presented by:  Nancy Berkley, President - Berkley Golf Consulting

Carolina PGA Section Merchandise Show
Winter Educational Seminar - February 17, 2014

Welcome! 2012 Current State of Industry
 Some Statistics…
“Needle is stuck!”  Number of golfers down slightly:  In 2012, total adults and juniors about 25 million.  Down from high of 30 million a decade ago.  Number of  older/core golfers is aging–playing less. Need more golfers to keep rounds up. But.. Some good news!   More beginners! ØNumber of beginner golfers (men and women including juniors) increased to 1.9 million.   Increase over previous years but lower than 2000 high of 2.4 million new golfers. 

More Statistics… Women (including juniors) were one/third of beginner golfers in 2012.  That is an increase! More women than men were “occasional” golfers Ø= 1 to 7 rounds/year. But… men accounted for 84% of all rounds – women for only 16%.

Aren’t you asking: Why bother with women? –

My next question… Why Did You Become a Golf Professional? Love golf and want to play it. Love golf and want to teach it. Love playing with the guys. Love making money. Love being in a service industry. Love helping women play more and better golf.

Why Bother with Women Golfers?
Four reasons you must buy into:

Women are the financial decision-makers: make about 80% of the decisions re purchases including leisure time activities – including joining golf club! More than half of the U.S. population are women!  The “untapped market” for growing number of golfers Family golf=major trend – mothers important! As more women come into game as beginners, they could become your  “best” customers.

Some history:  Focus on Women’s Golf Emerged in 2000

  NGF  (McKinsey:  2000 Strategic Report)

“Golf 20/20” – Led by Tim
transitioned to Steve Mona WGF – establishes a women’s committee

PGA develops “Play Golf America”

  More industry publications

Two of My Publications
2003 revision of 1999 “Best Practices” edition:  "A Guide to Growing Women's Golf" -- available at the National Golf Foundation www.ngf.org.  (look at the publications tab)


Women = Major Problem for Golf Industry:
Mostly “male” industry AND
Many different segments of women golfers

  Industry Does Respond….with New Programs – aimed at getting new golfers: ØGet Golf Ready ØFirst Tee – LPGA-USGA Girls Golf ØTee it Forward  - 12-Hole Rounds ØGolf 2.0 “Connect with Her”  (Donna Orender and Suzy Whaley) Ø“Women on Course” purchased by Billy Casper Golf ØMark King-TaylorMade “Hack Golf” Equipment Mfg -- easier to hit clubs and balls Golf Course Architects – shorter tees Golf Course Superintendents – easier courses Cart Manufacturers

Club Car – Family 4Fun Cart

But New Programs Not Enough Responsibility rests with  YOU!!! Golf unlike other sports is not played at a free field like soccer (golf similar to bowling!) Golf requires fee to get in. Your role…. PGA Professionals are the Gatekeepers
Golfer cannot play golf unless
YOU open the gate and welcome them

Let’s Start Here…….

Where are the


in this room?


Do You or Your Facility?  One Point Each:

1.Offer affordable introductory group lessons?

2.Provide clubs at no charge for beginner lessons?

3.Advertise women’s programs and events using words like "fun" or "no pressure" or "beginners welcome“?

4.Designate a visible section of the main bulletin board (in pro shop or main bulletin board) to promote women's events and news? 

5.Play a full 18-hole round with a female golfer with a 30 handicap at least once each season?  ? Do you

6.  Offer on-course playing lessons (or supervised play) for new golfers at affordable prices?

7.  Offer 9-hole rounds (or shorter) at 9-hole rates?

8.  Offer a choice of playing formats in leagues and outings: “stress-less” for non-competitive women golfers as well as “tournaments” for competitive golfers?

9.  Provide customer-service training to your employees specifically about female customers? 

10.  Have you ever sent a note or called a female golfer because you noticed she had a good round or was improving… or something good had happened?

? Compute Your Score Add points – so far…maximum 10 DEDUCT three points from total if you do NOT have clean, attractive women's rest rooms both on AND off the course. ADD 3 points if you have a “family” restroom with changing table OR a changing table in both men’s and women’s rest room (or locker room). BONUS!! ADD 5 points if you offer baby-sitting. Maximum points -18 for “Best Practices” Where is list of Best Practices for a
Women-friendly Facility?
Øwww.berkleygolfconsulting.com “best practice tab”  “FREE Help Line” Øwww.cybergolf.com/womensgolf ØPGA – best practice lists

Some Best Practices are obvious but some are not.

Focus today on:

Overlooked “Best” Practices….

Principle/Signal #1: Women must be VISIBLE leaders at your facility because
Golf looks like  a “Man’s Game” to most women.  Women golfers must be more visible at all levels. 

A classic example ….. Of what not to do Hmmm… I could go to gym, play tennis, have lunch with friend or do this?????  Signals have changed!!
Signal #1 Women Golfers Must Be More Visible

Women MUST hold key governing and committee positions. 

a.  At private clubs or semi-private/resort: Ideally three women on your governing board.  Must have women on your Greens Committee and on your Golf Committee.

b.At public clubs, have to create the committees that include women:  Women’s Assocation;  Tournament Committee; Special Events Committtee; [think outside the box] c.Use your influence: You are the gatekeeper!!

? Signal #2:  Women Must be Visible on Bulletin Boards, Newsletters & Public Relations Do you have photos of women’s committees or winning teams on your pro-shop bulletin boards?  [not just in women’s locker room]? Do you have a photo of a woman golfer in your pro shop?  Or a junior-girl golfer? Do your newsletters or emails have news about female golfers – local, amateur and professional LPGA Tour? Do you send photos of women’s or junior girls events to local newspapers? Do all your special events include photos of a woman  -- demo days should always include women? Not all pictures perfect!
What’s wrong with this picture?

Signal that Women in the Picture at the
2014 U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open 
Coming Up … Next Door
Put up copies of Articles.  News!!!   Setups at Pinehurst to be same for men and women. Do a “Play with an Open Partner” tournament – take time to print out bio of top women players that likely to make cut – have your women golfers play a round and use their net ball as a “best ball tournament” with their Open partner.  Find $$ to offer prizes or find a local sponsor.

Signal #3 – You MUST Know My Name! Make sure every person a female golfer comes in contact with is able to address her by her name.   From in-coming bag room staff to out-going bag room staff and everything in between:

Simple solution:  Use a facility name tag where hand-write how to address her: ØMiss, Ms. Mrs….. Ø

Staff Training and Practice Required

Signal #4:  You Must Appreciate Me and
         My Participation

Send a congratulations note or email or phone call to a female golfer at least once a week – look at the scores posted!!!  (low scores, better scores, most improved, birdies, number of rounds, bringing guests to play, thanks for opportunity to provide a lesson) Send “thank you” notes for pro shop purchases or note on locker.

Spend time at practice range:  “free”

Signal #5 – Must Make Shopping Easy for me
In Pro Shop - “Little things mean a lot

Dressing Room:  Does it have two hooks?  Maybe a shelf?  A picture of a female golfer?  Full-length mirror? Do hangers have size tags for easier shopping? Female staff very important to answer: “Is this too tight? Do I need a bigger size?” Ideal:  access to dress maker for shortening slacks or shirts Gift items – a convenience for women. Time-Out Questions?? Problems?? Reactions??

Signal #6:  Give Me
Tournament Formats That are Fun & Social
Scramble  (2-ball or 4-ball) Shamble (gives better players more golf) Nassau – Individual or Team Color War  (teaches match play) Skins – use paper money (pay off at each hole) Option:  Sign up with a cart-mate BUT don’t forget “stress-less” golf option Nine-hole options – even six-hole or 3-hole Experiment with shorter sets of tees – easier pins ØVISIBLE FIFTY YARD MARKERS ESSENTIAL!!! Ø

Signal #7 – Offer Group Playing Lessons Always take time for introductions in Groups MUST GET WOMEN OFF THE PRACTICE TEE AND ON THE COURSE How to give a group lesson on the course: Ø3-hole scramble – 3 golfers ØScramble lesson with 12 golfers Ø Ø

Signal #8 – Help Me Be Comfortable on the Course - Teach Me Pace of Play
ØNot always how well you play

… but how quickly:

Nancy’s qualification test:  If you can go out by yourself and play nine holes in 90 minutes or 18 holes in 3 hours, you have an adequate pace of play to go out on any course. Consider a certificate or tee prize for all who pass the pace-of-play test.

Signal #9 – Offer “women-friendly” but
Alert!  Gender Discrimination Issues

Private Club – Public Club… Issues Recent Examples of legal claims Not just about prime tee-times Use with caution:  “Women-only” programs – better to host a “beginner friendly” event or “wine and dine”  [article by Andrew Fleming of Golf Channel – GolfNow courses]] Generally, women and men will self-select programs and events of interest. 

Some Rethinking on My Part From Golf 20/20 presentation:  “Golf must take less time OR more value” My Current thinking: Golf must take less time AND offer more value Social value – Make friends Health and fitness value – more studies needed Relaxation Family-centered

SUMMARY – What’s Needed



4. PRO SHOP TIPS – hooks, hangers, pictures







My Final Advice: to Your Female Customers

“If you have tried to lead positive change at your facility or organization and are continually met with resistance, move on. There are many facilities that want your business and many ways to enjoy them.

PGA Professionals AND
the game of golf face competition from:

New “remote” Hi-tech On-line golf instruction Other golf facilities Other sports Family demands – Time Crunch New values Generation Y – (18+)= fun & fast Targets must be set – rewards for good pros

Innovative thinking required ?????

How many bikes would be sold if no one learned to ride until they were thirty? Bikes for little kids now made without pedals! Bowling alleys eliminate gutters for kids and use a ramp to "roll" the ball down the alley?

Start Young THINK NEW… Lake Tahoe Martis Camp has a Putting Park - designed by Dick Bailey

My Call to Action to You…PGA Professionals

PGA Professionals Must
Open the Gate for Women Golfers… NOW!

In closing… my belief…
“Be Happy, Be Healthy, Live Longer, Play Golf”

Content of this seminar will be posted on CPGA section website and www.berkleygolfconsulting.com

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