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Easy Tips for Your Pro Shop


1. Hire Female Salespersons


If you don’t think this is important, just try it.  Try it on “ladies day” and see if you don’t increase your sales.  If your funds are limited (and they usually are), consider hiring a woman at an hourly rate for just those days and times when you know there are more women playing.  Hire a salesperson with a fashion sense that is comfortable helping women make selections.   (There are many fashion-oriented at-home moms or former salespersons that would like to work limited-hours especially when they are offered employee discounts on golf items.)   When a woman tries on a shirt and wants to know whether it’s too tight (or too big or the wrong color or neckline), she needs to be comfortable asking the salesperson for her opinion, and, that’s usually going to be a woman.  Just listen to your women customers shopping together and hear how often they ask each other “How does this look?”  That’s a clue why women salespersons are so important.


2. Know Your Customers


Every female that walks into your pro shop is potentially a good customer.  (80% of purchases are made or influenced by women.)  Your staff should know your most frequent women golfers. They should be among your best customers.  Track the frequency of play at your facility using your handicap software or just brainstorm the names of best customers at a staff meeting.  Do you know what sizes your most avid golfers wear?  Does your sales staff recognize them by name?  It means a great deal to a woman shopper to have a personal and friendly greeting when she walks into the shop.  Focus on knowing your best customers and delivering the best in customer service.


3. Save Her Time – Make It Easy – Offer One-Stop-Shopping. 


Should your customer have to hunt through a dozen garments for her size?  Should she have to put on her glasses to read the price?  Absolutely:  Not!  I recommend:  all hangers have a size tag on it, color-coded size tags, sizes in big print, and/or merchandise should be sorted by size – and an easy to read price tag.  If you are not doing that, shopping will take her too much time.  Most importantly, she will not shop at your shop.   Keep in mind: One-Stop-Shopping.  If she needs gift for a friend, spouse or partner, why not find it at your shop?  My advice:  Always keep a few small gift items in a special section:  picture frames, popular golf books, trendy accessories – all $25 and under.  One-Stop-Shopping saves time and women like that!



4. Offer Women’s Demo Days


It used to be that demo days were just for men.  But, it’s no longer true that only men buy new clubs.  Demo days for women (or “co-ed” demo days) have been very successful.   Put a photo or drawing of a woman on the promotional materials for demo days; so women will know they are included.  Schedule demo days for women at “women’s” times, such as on a women’s tournament day or in connection with women’s clinics or leagues.  Make sure your reps or your instructors take women customers seriously.  Women may not be into all the technical “stuff”, but they know what “feels” good in a demo. If I were scheduling a women’s demo day, I would be sure to bring in a guest female instructor or a special sales rep familiar with women’s golf, and include that in the demo-day promotion.


5. Make the Sales Representatives Do Their Job. 


I think that most pro shops do not demand enough service from their sales reps in connection with serving the women’s golf segment.  It’s just not good enough for a rep to take an order – anyone can do that.  A good sales rep should supply photos of their female golfer endorsers.  (Any customer of Callaway should get a framed copy of Anika to put somewhere in their shop.)  Sales reps should do a better job of helping golf professionals set up their women’s golf displays.  Really good pro shops know how to “feature” a new product and put something in the newsletter about what’s coming.  Sales reps should supply that “what’s new” and “what’s coming” text.  Be a demanding customer of sales reps that provide products for women golfers.  The field is getting bigger, and retailers have choices.



6. Think PROMOTION!!  Here Are Some Suggestions


Change displays often.  Successful shops rotate merchandise every two weeks.


Use a mannequin or a bust-form to display merchandise, and at least five items must be worn or featured on the mannequin:  shirt, skirt, sweater, hat, pocketbook, belt, shoes, socks, clubs.  Women like to see “outfits” even if they buy in pieces.   (A good sales rep should supply you with a bust-form for display.)


If there is a regular ladies day, consider a different promotion each event.  Perhaps one time it’s “buy two socks and get one free,” or specials on a new line such as “10% off on Astra today”.  Maybe it’s specials on Father’s Day.  The primary goal is to get women in your shop.


Offer promotions to all women in your new golfer clinics.  The teachers teach them how to hit the ball, but the pro shop has to help them buy merchandise.  Welcome new golfers to your pro shop as soon as possible by “new-golfer” promotions.


Use digital photography to promote your new lines.  Take a picture of a display and put it your facility website or in a e-mail campaign.  Go Digital!


7. Say “THANK YOU”


Saying “thank you” goes a long way.  I suggest that every shop have an easy-to-send “thank you” note that goes out to all first purchasers and to frequent purchasers thereafter.  Insert a “come-back-coupon” with your thank you, such as a discount on special items.



8.  Remember the Dressing Room


Unlike men, who usually simply buy the size and color, women shoppers are much more demanding in style and fit.  That means that items must be tried on.  So, your dressing room must have:  full length mirror, at least two hooks (one for the clothes they take off and another for what they are putting on), a shelf (or available chair) for keys, glasses and pocketbook.  I’m not joking about the shelf!    For a bonus, hang a photo that has women golfers in it.  (I guarantee you that most people using your dressing rooms will be women!)


9.  Check "What's New" and "New Products" on this website for ideas. 


10.  Use the FREE HELP LINE for questions about good ideas for tournament gifts and favors.