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LPGA and Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA) to Unite in Strategic Alliance to Grow the Women's Game | LPGA | Ladies Professional Golf Association

March 27, 2018.  The EWGA -- Executive Women's Golf Association. -- was established in Florida in 1991. Women were entering the workplace and academia in greater numbers than ever before. Generally, women in the U.S.faced a work environment dominated by men. Golf was a favorite sport among the male employees and many corporations and law firms held golf outings. (I was the only woman in my law firm's golf outing). Enter the Executive Women's Golf Association introducing the game to a "network" of many thousands of "executive" working women. But times change. Today golf must attract young girls and young mothers, working women and non-working women ...new golfers and recreational and experienced golfers.

The "umbrella" of women's golf must be huge! Every time I interview Commissioner Mike Whan -- as recently as last November at the CME---- I ask him: Why can't I have an "I SUPPORT THE LPGA tag on my golf bag. (I have one for the USGA) Last interview he suggested he was working on it. i welcome the new LPGA -,WOMEN. WHO PLAY. I want the first bag tag! It's been an honor to be on the Women's Committee of the World Golf Foundation and to support and celebrate this new strategic alliance. It will make my History of Women's Golf Timeline at http://nancyberkley.com/774892.html.

LPGA and Executive Women's Golf Association to Unite in Strategic Alliance to Grow the Women's Game | LPGA | Ladies Professional Golf Association


Recovering from thumb and back injuries, Inbee returns.  She is one of my favorite golfers to watch -- a swing that looks slow and short but has the distance..... always looks like magic to me!  See  http://www.lpga.com/news/2018-inbee-park-makes-season-debut-in-singapore

Honda Thailand LPGA Tournament -- Lexi Thompson Rules Issue, Second Round February 23, 2018

What is a "local rule"; How do you know if there are local rules; What is the penalty if violate a local rule?

ABOUT the "LOCAL RULE" rule. About Lexi Thompson 2nd round penalty at the Honda Thailand LPGA tournament. (this is long and will also posted on www.nancyberkley.com). The time difference between Thailand and US is about 12 hours so the final round of the match is just about to begin as this note is published!

I have the current USGA Rules of Golf in front of me... over 200 pages small print. A tricky rule is if a course declares a "local rule" (Rule 33-8) -- one that does not conform to the official rule and is usually specific to the course and the competition. "Local Rules" are not printed in the Rules of Golf -- only the ability to declare a "local rule" under Rule 33-8.

BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW IF THERE IS A LOCAL RULE -- THAT'S THE ISSUE! When a course makes a local rule for a tournament it notifies the players of the local rule. In non-professional competition, there might be a posting on a bulletin board and an announcement or notice handed out to each player. For instance if a temporary fence has been put up as part of some construction project, a "local rule" might allow "relief" from that fence without penalty.

But without that local rule, a player up against an immovable obstruction with no possible way to make a shot, could take one-shot penalty and re-drop the ball. Or, a player might take a putter to hit that shot away from the immovable obstruction without incurring a penalty.

In the second round of the Honda Thailand LPGA, a local rule was established and notice was given to each caddy on a piece of paper at the beginning of the round. (The caddy and and golfer are "one" -- and the golfer is assumed to know the information the caddy received and vice-versa.)

The local rule in the 2nd round of the Honda Thailand LPGA tournament was that advertisement-signs on the course were declared to be "immovable obstructions" so the ball had to be played where it lay -- and if a shot was not possible, then the player had to replace it and take a one-shot penalty . By definition an "obstruction" is something artificial. (a tree is not an obstruction.)

Lexi was not aware of the "local rule" and moved the sign and then hit her shot. She did not know she had violated the local rule and went on to finish her round and submit her scorecard. AFTER the round, the rule violation was "discovered" and she received a two-shot penalty. BUT -- she did not receive another 2-stroke penalty for submitting an incorrect scorecard which happened last season at the ANA Inspiration when a TV-viewer called in a penalty. Last season the USGA revised the rules to prohibit call-in viewers and no longer applies another 2-shot penalty when a player was not aware of a rules violation.

None of this rule-technicality should dissuade any golfer from playing golf. Golf is my passion and most of the time the rules make sense in competitions. For recreational golfers like myself, when I play in serious championship matches, I always bring my USGA Rules of Golf and never leave a hole with a rules question until I have a professional come out and make an official decision. Once you move on to the next hole, whatever you did cannot be changed.